Adjustable Bed is a good Alternative to a Traditional Bed

Adjustable Bed is a good Alternative to a Traditional Bed

Adjustable Bed Review – An Easy Alternative to a Traditional Bed

Adjustable bed is an excellent option for any bedroom. Description. The 5D adjustable platform base is a top of the line,high-end base featuring many useful features for the most comfortable sleep in your room. With this amazing adjustable bed,you will have easy access to all the features that your bedroom needs without ever having to move from the bed. The bed features a black,charcoal grey,or ivory leather bed cover. An optional cordless Bluetooth Smart wireless adapter is also sold separately for convenience.

Gives a comfortable night’s sleep

With the Adjustable Bed,you can adjust both the head and foot boards to whatever height you need it at. It also allows for adjustment of both the head and footboards to the preferred angle in a very precise manner. This allows for a much more comfortable night’s sleep and is especially important when sleeping on your back or stomach.

The Reverie Adjustable Bed comes with a foot plate and footrest and is also made with a foot rest pad. The bed also has a padded headrest to offer comfort while keeping you from hitting your head on the hard surfaces of the bed. The headrest is made of leather and the adjustable headboard can be adjusted for comfort or height as needed.

The adjustable bed is also equipped with a standard-sized (medium) mattress. If you are interested in a full-sized bed,you may want to consider one that is double-sided so that you have both a flat surface and a bed top. For the bed top,you may want to look into a latex rubber mattress or latex foam mattress.

One nice feature of the Reverie Adjustable Bed is that it comes with two removable storage drawers underneath the bed to make it easy to store away when not in use. This makes the bed a great addition to a home office or workspace as well. Visit for more information.

Foot board

When you are ready to begin to relax your senses,the bed is perfect for setting the mood in your room. It has an adjustable foot board to allow for a softer feel while sleeping. You may even be able to adjust the headboard to an elevated position that provides you with a more natural sleeping position.

The bed is also ideal to have in the den where space is limited. For those who love to cook,the bed is also a good way to save space since the bed is small enough to fit under your desk.

This adjustable bed is designed with comfort in mind and offers you many different adjustments that will allow you to find the right fit for your personal needs. From the bed head to footboards and the foot rest,you will enjoy a comfortable sleep.

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